SDG learning portal

Recognising urgent issues faced by our planet and people globally, the United Nations launched the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to mobilise global stakeholders towards common goals. All UN Member States adopted these goals in 2015, aiming to actualize them by 2030. The SDGs cover critical areas like poverty, clean energy, and responsible consumption. Every SDG has targets, totaling 169 targets!

Businesses can use the SDGs and their targets to guide their own ESG agendas. We at XD Connects have identified two SDGs which are critical to our core business activities and a further three SDGs which we consider supporting to our business. Below we use our focus SDGs to explain the concept and refer to some key institutions.

We all impact the SDGs to some extent. Businesses consider where their activities make the most impact and focus their ESG activities to create positive change to contribute to these SDGs. For example, XD Connects’ positive change will impact SDG 12 and SDG 13.

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

By ‘ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns’ this SDG hopes to safeguard our planet’s resources. This SDG relates to everyone’s day-to-day. Think of topics like food waste; recycling; and pollution by cars and industry. At XD Connects this SDG clearly links to our product development process. We consider the production, use, and end of life of a product when we develop products. We think about what materials have lower footprints and what information customers need to responsibly recycle products. We have set an ambitious target of offering 95% lower-impact products by 2030. We are well on track with our low-impact collection!

SDG 13: Climate action

This SDG calls businesses, governments, and people to ‘take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts’. The targets under this SDG focus on natural disasters preparedness; measures to combat climate change; awareness and capacity building; and funding for climate change solutions. Businesses can play their part by measuring their emissions and informing their customers of the impact of their purchase. These activities should be paired with making more responsible and low-impact choices. At XD Connects we are transparent about our emissions, using this data to take action and we inform our customers about the impact of their choice in product and shipping.

Reporting on progress

At the global level a progress report is issued every year by the UN. Public progress reporting is key to accountability and, thereby, action. Businesses do the same when they issue annual sustainability reports. In 2023 XD Connects will report on the progress made towards our ESG goals. We encourage our stakeholders to read this report and provide feedback!


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