About Us



Company profile

Our mission is to pioneer positive change in our industry, convinced that this approach will contribute to our increasing success as a business.

We are a renowned supplier of gifts. We are a Dutch company with several offices around the world (see below). Our strong presence in China and our own design studio makes it possible to lead the development of our industry.

Founded in 1986 as Xindao B.V., we rebranded to XD Connects in 2022 to better reflect our ambition to drive positive change. We are committed to doing business in a way that is conscious of people and planet.

Interested to know more? Check out our historical timeline here!

Organisational snapshot

The XD Connects family is spread across the globe. Our headquarters is based in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. This is where most operational activities are carried out such as human resources, purchasing, product development, and, of course, ESG. Our Sales colleagues are based both at HQ and at locations in different countries. We have offices in the UK, Italy, Shanghai, Romania, and Spain.

Our office in Shanghai includes the design studio and our quality assurance team checking orders against our strict standards. 

Printmasters – our printing facility – is based in Romania. The in-house testing centre ensures high-quality decoration and printing on all kinds of surfaces and products.

In 2022 we welcomed Vinga of Sweden (Vinga). Being one of the leading Nordic providers of business gifts and gift cards, there is no doubt of the value they bring. Vinga shares XD Connects’ ESG ambitions.



It is critical to the success of XD Connects to ensure employees feel engaged and valued at all times. In our ESG roadmap we have also set targets to make sure we remain a workplace of choice; these targets include diversity.

The below statistics include all entities under the XD Connects Holding in 2022. The total number of employees is 709. Included are our printing factory, our offices in Europe, Vinga of Sweden, and the Shanghai office. Interns are not included.


Our extensive presence in Europe and our office in Shanghai allow us to keep close relationships to our customers and our suppliers.