A message from our CEO


Dear reader,

Businesses are key players in the fight against climate change and upholding human rights in supply chains. XD Connects is a proud ESG-pioneer in the market, doing our bit to help people and planet. This is clearly visible in our mission statement: “we strive for positive change by providing the best low-impact gift, which connects businesses with their employees and customers, whilst minimizing the impact on the environment.” We want to lead by example and inspire our stakeholders.

2022 was a milestone year for XD Connects when it comes to our ESG journey. We took stock of what we’ve achieved so far, where we want to go, and how to get there. This led to an extensive review and update of our ESG roadmap. The most visible change is that of our name and brand. The name XD Connects better reflects our commitment to pioneer positive change in our business. Accordingly, we updated the values which guide our business activities: 

We have integrated ESG into all of our business activities. In 2023 we will report on the targets we have set ourselves across our focus areas. Setting a clear scope and ambitious targets helps guide our journey. To this end, 2025 and 2030 are key milestones to measuring our progress in the areas of emissions, ESG conditions in the supply chain, and transparency. We look forward to sharing our progress with you through annual ESG reports.

Over the coming years it’s all hands on deck to reach (if not exceed) our ESG targets. Our customers are key to achieving our ultimate goal of positive change. We look forward to this collaboration!

Albert van der Veen