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You have reached the ESG website of XD Connects. Here we share our ambitions for positive change and explain our activities related to Environment, Social, and Governance. In 2022 we updated the roadmap driving our ESG ambitions (see more details below).

As our customers are key stakeholders in this journey, we have included a Learning Portal explaining key initiatives related to the positive change in our operations. Feel free to use the Contact Us section to reach out with any feedback or questions.

Keep an eye on this website for our regular updates!

ESG roadmap timeline


Highlights are a short account of the latest ESG news from XD Connects. Examples include global environmental days, awards, milestones reached, events or new reports coming out. For updates related to our ESG ambitions and recent news see the blog posts in our Celebrating ESG section.

Offsetting 2022 CO2 impact

June 2023

We want to run our operations at the lowest cost to the environment, constantly working to reduce our CO2 footprint. For the CO2 emissions which we have not (yet) decreased, we apply carbon offsetting.

In 2022 we offset a total of 3,768.38 tonnes of CO2, 11% of our total footprint. In doing this, we supported two inspiring projects:

  • Reforestation and agroforestry in the Bolivian Andes
  • Clean electricity generation in the Karnataka state, India

To reach our goal of offsetting 100% of our CO2 emissions in 2030 (Scope 1, 2, and 3), we will increase the % offset by 11% each year.

Read more about carbon offsetting and the XD Connects projects in our blog!




Positive change. Your choice!

At XD Connects we want to make it easy for our customers to create positive change with us. Here are a few ways your choice can contribute to our ESG ambitions, and your own:

Shop our Iqoniq collection

“Wear what you can believe in” with our Iqoniq collection. 100% cotton (50% recycled, 50% organic). With digital product passports and physical tracers you can see exactly what your clothing is made of and where it’s been.

Choose lower-impact products

Browse our increasing selection of lower-impact products. These products have been developed with an eye for lower-impact, certified materials. This range of products features RCS, GRS, and FSC®-certified products.

FSC certificate code: NC-COC-070443 
GRS and RSC licence code: CU 1162221

Consider the XD Design backpack

This great item is two gifts in one: for every backpack sold, 1 euro is donated to Justdiggit. Furthermore, the backpack contains the AWARE ™ tracer.

Reward patience with Sustainable Choice Shipping for samples

Through our Sustainable Choice shipping program – a shipment service that avoids the use of next-day delivery airfreight – we save on CO2 emission on shipment of sample orders. With this choice you accept a shipping time of 3 to 5 working days.

XD Connects plants at least one tree per 10 orders done with Sustainable Choice shipping.